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  • Wildness deluxe gatefold double heavyweight blue and white colored vinyl. This is a webstore exclusive.
  • Wildness bookpack deluxe CD with 36 pages of exclusive photos
  • Super limited edition baby blue 10-track Wildness cassette
  • A limited edition signed 12x12" litho
  • Digital album to be distributed via email immediately upon purchase.


1. Life On Earth
2. Don't Give In
3. Heal Me 
4. Empress
5. A Dark Switch
6. What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?
7. A Youth Written In Fire
8. Soon
9. Wild Horses
10. Life And Death
11. Life On Earth (Deluxe Version)
12. Don't Give In (Deluxe Version)
13. Heal Me (Deluxe Version)
14. What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? (Deluxe Version)
15. Soon (Deluxe Version)

Please note, digital downloads are only available in the U.S.